Polkadot and Crypto Resources

Crypto Finance

Centralized Exchanges (CEXes)

Simpleswap Logo Simpleswap A sign-up free fast exchange without burdensome KYC. Perfect for small amounts.
StealthEx Logo Stealthswap Another sign-up free fast exchange without burdensome KYC. Perfect for small amounts where other alternatives are not available.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

HydraDX Logo HydraDX HydraDX is the leading appchain DEX on Polkadot. Most Polkadot connected tokens available through XCM are ready for trade in the innovative HydraDX's Omnipool.
Bitfrost Logo Bifrost Bifrost now has the most liquid DOT derivative vDOT as well as attractive DeFi products with high yields.
Stellaswap Logo Stellaswap Stellaswap is the leading DEX on Moonbeam. Stable and volatile pairs as well as liquidity provision with Pulsar V3 aka concentrated liquidity. Try their stDOT, liquid staking derivative too (lower liquidity than Bifrost's vDOT).
Moonwell Logo Moonwell Moonwell is the primary source for lending on Moonbeam, Base and Moonriver. Supporting the main stable and volatile tokens on both networks
InterBTC svg Logo InterBTC Mint and use Bitcoin natively on Polkadot. Available on the main Polkadot DEXes.
MangataX svg Logo MangataX MangataX has the most innovative MEV solution for DEXes everywhere. Bring your own gas. Available for many Kusama pairs. There are plans for Mangata on Polkadot to become an Ethereum L2 DEX.

Apps & dApps

Zeitgeist Logo NFL Rivals Officially licensed NFL app developed by Mythical Games available on Google Play and the App Store.
Zeitgeist Logo The leading prediction market in Polkadot. Make predictions, provide prediction liquidity and create your own markets.
TeddyDao Logo Teddy DAO A 501 organization that supports charities mostly mased in the UK and US.
Kodadot Logo Kodadot KodaDot is an open-source NFT marketplace built on the Polkadot Network and its ecosystem. Their mission is to create an inclusive platform for collaboration where creators, developers, and community members can work together to shape the future of NFTs on Polkadot.

News and Podcasts

Polkadot on Youtube

The Kusamarian Logo The Kusamarian The story of Polkadot/Kusama. Order in the Chaos. Daily News, Interviews, podcasts.
Alice Und Bob Logo Alice Und Bob On-chain analyst focused on Polkadot & Web3 Education.
Polkadot Network Youtube Logo Polkadot Network on Youtube The official Youtube channel with frequent technical updates, conference talks and tutorials.

Polkadot on the Web

Parachains Info Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem projects directory. News and current state of the parachains.
Yieldbay Icon Yieldbay The list of all yield farms across Polkadot and Kusama. Do your own research and ape at your own risk. logo Polkadot Analytics. All the Polkadot data you need.
Dotinsights Dotinsights Current state of the Parachains.

Polkadot on

X General Header "Saxemberg's Polkadot General" List on All the Polkadot people you'd like to read more about on .
Simpleswap Logo "Saxemberg's Technical General" List on Polkadot's technical updates on .


Subsquare Logo Subsquare - Polkadot Ecosystem Governance Forum Polkadot ecosystem governance discussion forum. Search for the parachain you want to be part of the discussion. Web3 logins supported.
Polkassembly Logo Polkassembly - Polkadot Ecosystem Governance Forum Currently, the most active discussion forum. The original Polkadot ecosystem governance discussion forum. Search for the parachain you want to be part of the discussion. Web3 logins supported.

Wallets and Staking

Talisman Logo Talisman Wallet Explore Polkadot and Ethereum apps with Talisman
Novawallet Logo Nova Wallet The best option for a mobile wallet in the Polkadot ecosystem.
Polkassembly Logo The Polkadot Staking interface Fully featured staking interface hosted by

Miscelaneous Links. Here be Dragons.

Travala Logo Travala Travel and pay with DOT and other cryptos. Credit Card, Debit Card and Cryptocurrency payments are accepted. Best price guaranteed. Cashback with AVA tokens depending on your membership (optional).
Travala Logo The biggest list of merchants who accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Updated continously.
Peter St Onge, Ph.D. Logo Peter St Onge, Ph.D. Daily Videos on Economics and Freedom
Maneco64 Logo Maneco64 Home of alternative economics and contrarian views.