Polkadot and Crypto Resources

Crypto Finance

Centralized Exchanges (CEXes)

StealthEX_Logo/ StealthEX Another sign-up free fast exchange without burdensome KYC. Perfect for small amounts where other alternatives are not available.
Simpleswap_Logo/ Simpleswap A sign-up free fast exchange without burdensome KYC. Perfect for small amounts.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Bifrost_Logo/ Bifrost Bifrost now has the most liquid DOT derivative vDOT as well as attractive DeFi products with high yields.
StellaSwap_Log/ Stellaswap Stellaswap is the leading DEX on Moonbeam. Stable and volatile pairs as well as liquidity provision with Pulsar V3 aka concentrated liquidity. Try their stDOT, liquid staking derivative too (lower liquidity than Bifrost's vDOT).
Moonwell_Logo/ Moonwell Moonwell is the primary source for lending on Moonbeam, Base and Moonriver. Supporting the main stable and volatile tokens on both networks.
InterBTC_Logo/ Interlay BTC Mint and use Bitcoin natively on Polkadot. Available on the main Polkadot DEXes.
Hydration_Logo/ Hydration Hydration is the leading appchain DEX on Polkadot. Most Polkadot connected tokens available through XCM are ready for trade in the innovative Hydrations's Omnipool. Polkadot's memecoin main trading exchange.


NFLRivals_Logo/ NFLRivals Officially licensed NFL app developed by Mythical Games available on Google Play and the App Store.
ExiledRacers_Logo/ Exiled Racers Experience the first low touch racing manager & prediction game, seamlessly integrated with world class digital collectibles
TheGreatEscape_Tag/ The Great Escape The Great Escape is a new generation free-to-play web3 game playable from any chain on mobile & browser


Kodadot_Logo/ Kodadot KodaDot is an open-source NFT marketplace built on the Polkadot Network and its ecosystem. Their mission is to create an inclusive platform for collaboration where creators, developers, and community members can work together to shape the future of NFTs on Polkadot.
TeddyDAO_Logo/ Teddy DAO A 501 organization that supports charities mostly mased in the UK and US.


Hyperbridge_Logo/ Hyperbridge Hyperbridge will connect Ethereum, Base, Optimism, Arbitrum and Binance Chain. All secured by Polkadot.


Zeitgeist_Logo/ Zeitgeist The leading prediction market in Polkadot. Make predictions, provide prediction liquidity and create your own markets.
Phala_Logo/ Phala Network An AI Coprocessor for Blockchains. Phala Network tackles the issue of trust in the computation cloud. It combines confidential computing and blockchain technology to build a trustless computation service, which enables massive cloud processing without sacrificing data confidentiality. Built around TEE-based privacy technology already embedded into modern processors, Phala Network's distributed computing cloud is versatile and confidential.
OriginTrail_logo/ Origin Trail The trusted knowledge foundation for the age of AI The rise of AI creates unprecedented opportunities for progress but also amplifies the challenge of misinformation. OriginTrail drives discoverability and ensures origin of information to fight it.

Web 2 Polkadot

Polkadot on the Web

ParachainsInfo_Logo/ News, events and the current state of Polkadot, Kusama and their parachains.
followthedotLive_Logo/ A transaction tracking tool by Helikon Labs (
DaBlock_Tag/ DaBlock is the fullest information portal entirely dedicated to the Polkadot ecosystem. It is purposed to serve like an exhaustive, detailed review of network functionality, governance, and development
Kudos_Logo/ Kudos Portal Find Great-Fit Polkadot Collaborations: Earn Incentives, Collect Kudos. Navigate the Substrate ecosystem like never before - to meet teams and start proactively working on your next challenge.

Polkadot on Youtube

Kusamarian_Logo/ The Kusamarian The story of Polkadot/Kusama. Order in the Chaos. Daily News, Interviews with the Space Monkeys Podcast, Behind the Code: Web3 Thinkers. The home of AAG (Attempts at Governance).
AlphaAirdrop_Logo/ Alpha Airdrop Learn crypto with fun stories and news.
A_Chain_Of_Blocks_Logo/ A Chain of Blocks Dedicated to Increasing Community Knowledge on Blockchain, Crypto, and Distributed Ledger Technology. Simple Explanations of Complex Topics.
PolkadotYoutube_Logo/ Polkadot Official Youtube The official Youtube account for Polkadot

Polkadot on

PolkadotGeneral_Logo/ Polkadot General List Polkadot, Kusama and parachains general information. Price, Tech & Memecoins.
PolkadotTechnical_Logo/ Polkadot Technical List Tech on Polkadot, Kusama and parachains.
PolkadotDefi_Logo/ Polkadot DeFi List Investors and researchers. Polkadot Focused. Sprinkled with some other blockchains.
PolkadotMemecoins_List/ Polkadot Memecoins List Polkadot memecoins and shitcoins. REMINDER: Be careful transacting with memecoin. Gamble at your own risk.


Polkassembly_Logo/ Polkassembly Currently, the most active discussion forum. The original Polkadot ecosystem governance discussion forum. Search for the parachain you want to be part of the discussion. Web3 logins supported. Voting delegations supported.
Subsquare_Logo/ Subsquare Polkadot ecosystem governance discussion forum. Search for the parachain you want to be part of the discussion. Web3 logins supported. It also contains a vote degelation dashboard.
OpengovWaych_logo/ OpenGov.Watch is here to help. writes monthly Governance reports, quarterly Treasury reports, and provide simple tools like the OpenGov mastersheet to keep the publish informed. We give free consultations to projects seeking funding, connect teams and help them coordinate, and provide thought leadership by launching strategic initiatives around key issues that can help grow the ecosystem.
Dotreasury_Logo/ Dotreasury dotTreasury is a platform that aggregates treasury data in the polkadot ecosystem. Created by the Subsquare team.

Wallets and Staking

Talisma_Logo/ Talisman Wallet Talisman is an ultra-secure wallet that makes web3 simple for beginners and unlocks superpowers for pros. Supports Polkadot-SDK based dapps as well as EVM based dapps.
Subwallet_Logo/ Subwallet Comprehensive Polkadot, Substrate & Ethereum wallet.
NovaWallet_Logo/ Nova Wallet Nomination Pools, Direct Staking, Validators, vote delegation of most Polkadot-sdk chains. It comes in two flavors, mobile and desktop (Nova Spektr)

Miscellaneous Links. Here be Dragons.

Travala_Logo/ Travala offers a frictionless travel booking experience that incorporates next-generation blockchain technology, tokenised incentives and a Best Price Guarantee on stays and activities. With over 100 leading cryptocurrencies available alongside traditional payment methods.
PeterStOnge_Logo/ Peter St Onge Daily Videos on Economics and Freedom
maneco64_Logo/ Maneco64 Home of alternative economics and contrarian views.