Our Mission

We offer validation and collation services of our nominators on the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem. In addition, we are currently developing dapps on the same ecosystem.

Our hardware is hosted on properly vetted, independent, non-tech-conglomerate data centers with redundant energy sources and multi homed network connectivity.

We plan on continuously expanding to more geographical locations with strong privacy laws and positive regulatory frameworks.

Logs are kept for as little as possible and they are only analyzed for cybersecurity threats like distributed denial-of-service attacks, intrusions attempts on our hardware, etc.

With that being said, logs will not be used for any type of targeted or mass surveilance of any kind through us or sold to any third parties which may or may not use them for those purposes. Logs are not stored indefinitely either.

The software will only be used as intended and we will not seek exploitation for profit of collation or validation, for instance but not limited to consensus attacks or advanced MEV drain. We strive for a credible neutral ecosystem in fair terms for everybody. So we don't ever plan on exploiting consensus rules on blockchains or seek to exploit blockchains with misconfigured parameters.

If we ever have knowledge of such things, we will report it to the teams in charge of the maintenance of the code.

We are not part and will never be part of any DAOs, BORG, private groups, forums or validator alliances that will plan things or direct things for us. Nor we will seek "social validation" or "peer pressure" from certain groups so our independence of action from any outside pressure will be guaranteed at all times.

However, creating DAOs or BORGs and inviting users to participate in them might come in the future however, they won't be related to any validator or collator service but rather, to future decentralized applications.

All blockchain governance conversation will remain public to the extent possible. If any comment, remark or request about governance were to happen outside the public channels. We will reiterate or expand the points already expressed on public channels and on governance forums.

We have never and will never make private deals, take bribes or make agreements in exchange for governance votes.

We have never been approached by government entities or authorities that required us to disclose anything or to keep quiet about anything through cease and desist letters, gag orders, etc..

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