Introducing: PANOPTICOIN

We at Saxemberg are pleased to introduce PANOPTICOIN. The next-gen, zero-privacy, FATF approved, OFAC-compliant at the protocol level coin. Fairly launched to all our VCs with state-of-the-art identity tracking that makes authoritarian countries blush. Possible by our novel and exclusive identity system where only the addresses with full biometric soulbound KYC’d NFTs are able to validate, transact and cash out. It also includes native doxxing with our own patented name service so you no longer have to concern yourself about ugly looking public keys.

Do you want to run a validator? Don’t worry, because our liquid democracy system based on a 3-key multisig owned by our founders, will fairly hand pick the best validators, which coincidentally are also our friends, employees and VC suggested companies. Do you need to run a node? Trust and do not verify! Verifying yourself is a thing of the past! As running a node requires too much resources, so don’t do it. Just trust the validators.
With decentralization, comes centralization. Because our blockchain is so decentralized we require to have centralized infrastructure at all levels. So say no to light clients!

PANOPTICOIN is an open source project, so you will have the right to think and talk about including privacy at the protocol level, but we at PANOPTICOIN Labs will ignore any serious attempt to actually include privacy in favor of pumpanomics and ponzinomics.

MEV your friends! MEV your family! But always remember! you can only MEV others as long as you don’t validate transactions from sanctioned addresses.

Do not worry about old, boomer, cypherpunks UASFing our blockchain! our validators control the vast majority of tokens! So we are the ones doing the slashing! But we pinky promise we will never use our excessive consensus power for censorship or evil ;)
Stablecoins issuers love us <3 so why should you pick another blockchain without stablecoins. We will make sure that by setting the trend, no other blockchains will ever dare to go in a different direction than the one proposed by PANOPTICOIN. Do you want a blockchain with low TVL? We don’t think so.

Our innovative, never seen before L0 off-chain social consensus governance will make sure the PANOPTICOIN blockchain interests are the only one accepted by the community. Because they are the most suitable, not for you obviously.

So come! Buy our bags of PANOPTICOIN from us! And be part of the most exciting ecosystem.

Published by: Saxemberg on Aug. 23, 2022